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Cash Access Options


Check Writing: Write checks up to your approved/available Check Cashing Line amount.

Check Buy-Back: Purchase your cashed checks back by the end of the same gaming day to immediately restore your Check Cashing Line availability.

Line Increase: Apply for an increase to your Check Cashing Line after 90 days of establishment (subject to approval).

Slot Machine Cashing: Cash checks directly from your slot machine with the assistance of a Slot Representative, avoiding the need to stand in line at the cage.

Direct Communication: Work directly with a Hollywood Casino representative without involving a third-party check guarantee service.


To apply for a Check Cashing Line, please fill out the online credit application or visit the Main Cage to complete an application.



Initial Enrollment: Present your check once and provide the last four digits of your Social Security number to avoid presenting physical checks in the future.

No Need for Personal Checks: After initial enrollment, personal checks are no longer necessary.

Approved Amounts: Write and cash personal checks for approved/authorized amounts by the third-party Check Guarantee Service.

No Buy-Back Option: Once the transaction has been processed, the item is sent directly to your bank electronically.

Cage Presence Required: You must be present at the cage to cash your check.

Fee Structure: A fee applies for using this service. This fee is waived for our Preferred, Elite, and Owners Club cardholders.



Marker Drawing: Draw Markers and cash personal checks from your approved credit line.

Convenience: Draw Markers at Slot Machines, Gaming Tables, or the Cage, avoiding long lines on busy days.

Credit Line Increase: Apply for a credit line increase after 90 days of account activation (subject to approval).

Flexible Settlement: Choose settlement times for Markers (up to 30 days), based on your approved credit line amount and approval.


To apply for a Credit Line, please fill out the online credit application or visit the Main Cage to complete an application.


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