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Players can take home gifts every day while playing the poker room, and anyone who plays 30 hours in a month will be eligible to pick-up gifts for the casino promotions the following month! Plus, you could be the winner of our Bad Beat Jackpot!

For more information, please call the Poker Room at 630-801-7471.

Bad Beat Jackpot

As of November 12, 2019: $90,982




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Texas hold 'em

Weekly Tournaments

Every Wednesday, participants can register in the Poker Room starting at 12 p.m. Tournament start time is 1p.m.

After being seated at the tournament table, the patron must present a paid receipt prior to receiving $10,000 in non-value tournament chips. Registration will remain open until the start of the 4th round.  Hollywood Casino may allow new players (replacements) and re-entries until the start of the 4th round to replace eliminated players.


  • Buy-In: $120 (10,000 non-value tournament chips)
  • Optional Unlimited Re-Buys: $60 (10,000 non-value tournament chips); Only valid during the first hour when chips count is 15,000 or under.
  • Optional Add-On: $60 (10,000 non-value tournament chips); During first break only.
  • Prize Pool: 85% of Buy-In + Re-Buys + Add-On
  • Fee: 15% of Buy-In + Re-Buys + Add-On
  • Players receive $10,000 or $15,000* in non-value tournament chips.

*Players have the option to purchase an additional $5,000 in non-value tournament chips for $10 dollars. The $10 will be placed in the Dealer toke pool.